Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gold Medal Nutrition?

Remember all of the press surrounding Michael Phelps' diet?  The Gold medal olympian gave a run down of what his "training diet" consisted of back in 2008.  Well, as the 2012 London games approach there is already media buzz around food offerings, this time olympic spectators are the target. 

With McDonalds, Coca-Cola and Cadbury as the "big three" food sponsors it's no wonder that health organizations are questioning the position of the olympic committee's agenda.  When London bid for the games, combating childhood obesity and improving the nations health were used as selling points.  The article above states that one in five spectator meals will be eaten at McDonalds and all branded beverages will be provided by Coca-Cola...  And yes, there will be "fries with that"...



  1. Reminiscent of the AAFP joining with Coke...

  2. It is truly amazing how political the business of food is. I mean, from the mass meat producers to the fast food chains things have ruly gotten criminal. I remember there was a special on the "olympic village" from the Beijing olympics and McDonalds was featured prominently with tons of athletes eating there. What does this convey to the general public? McDonalds is ok, elite athletes are doing it! sigh.

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