Thursday, April 1, 2010

You Got Questions???

I've got answers!  Look out Nebraska, here I come... Fuel As Rx is on the road!!  On Saturday, April 24th, I'm having a Paleo Party at CrossFit Lincoln, (really a Paleo Nutrition Seminar - in my world, that is a party...).  Phil and his team have invited me to talk about all things Paleo. 

Here are just some of the topics we'll be covering:

Post workout nutrition
Paleo for endurance events and athletes
Effects of grains and lectins on the body
How the digestive systems works (and how to eat to optimize it)
Diet strategies for leaning out
Nutrient Absorption (protein, vegetables, fruits)
Number of meals per day and when to eat what
Carbohydrate loading - myth or fact
Fasting and athletic performance
Q&A - What are you wondering about?

The party starts at 9 am - see you there!



  1. Cool. When are you coming to Columbus???

  2. I want to know all of those answers! I live in Dallas, so I can't come.

  3. Erica and FatFighter, I would LOVE to come to Columbus and Dallas! Bring me an audience and I'm there!!!! :)