Monday, April 19, 2010

Listen Up!!

Recently I was invited, by Stephen Cooper, to be the consultant dietitian for Boot Camp Pasadena.  "Coop", is pro-Paleo and has asked me to help his boot campers with their nutrition.  I LOVE helping people get going on the path to optimal health and performance through nutrition and smart exercise, so this was a great fit!

Last Thursday evening I recorded a teleseminar with "Coop" and some of his boot campers.  It was so much fun!  We talked about Paleo friendly meal and snack ideas, pre/post workout nutrition, fat loss, meal timing, supplements, pre-made paleo meal sources, and lots more!

Now it's your turn!  So, Listen Up - here's the link to the Boot Camp Pasadena blog where you can access the teleseminar.  Let me know what you think**!!

**Disclaimer** - This is only the third teleconference I've done - so don't be too hard on me!


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