Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Ancestral Health Symposium - It was AWESOME!

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to have attended the first annual Ancestral Health Symposium in Los Angeles.  It was an absolutely surreal experience with a spectacular line-up of "Paleo celebrities" in attendance and speaking.  Just take a look at the packed schedule!  It was hard to decide which presentation to attend in many cases!
I found it amazing how open and available the speakers made themselves to attendees throughout the conference.  Robb Wolf, Loren Cordain, Mark Sisson, Michael Eades, Mat LaLonde and so many more, floated around throughout the conference talking, posing for photos and just being 'real'.  It was great!

There were also some really great poster presentations.  The Whole9 had an excellent - simple, easy to apply poster outlining the guidelines of paleo living.  There were also great posters from David Pendergrass, Jonathan Carey, and many more (they are all listed here). 

I know many of you were unable attend and wish you could have been there.  Well, you aren't completely out of luck!  On the Ancestral Health website there are links to the conference abstracts, PowerPoint slides, and streamed video of the presentations!  It's almost like being there!  

To sum it up it was an AWESOME weekend and I can't wait until next year!  I made some new friends - Julie and Charles of Paleo Comfort Foods fame, Bill and Hayley of Make It Paleo, Sara Fargoso of Everyday PaleoNicki Violetti, Chrissy Gower, John Welbourn, James Fitzgerald (OPT) and SO many more!
I had a great time hanging with Dallas (Big 'D') and Melissa from the Whole 9 - lunch was great, perfecting the "Bunny" with Charles Mayfield and just talking to everyone!  Special thanks to my awesome hotel roomies   Stephanie Greunke, and Elizabeth Wall.  I couldn't have asked for two better people to share a bathroom with!

Next year is going to be phenomenal!



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