Saturday, April 23, 2011

Drop The Remote!

It's flat screen, digital, hi-def, 3-D and at any given time allows access to hundreds of channels each varying in its degree of uselessness... What am I talking about?  None other than good old television.  The United States per capita TV count in February 2011 averaged 740.53 TV's per 1000 people (according to NationMaster).  The US took the bronze on this one with Bermuda and Monaco being the only countries with higher counts.  You might be thinking we don't look so bad compared to Bermuda's 1009 per 1000 people - we're averaging less than one "idiot box" per person.  Okay, but seriously does every man, woman and child NEED their own TV - in fact does anyone really NEED TV?  Have you ever wondered if you could survive a day, week, month - or God forbid - a year without TV?? 

Well, now's your chance to find out what you're made of.  The genius team over at the Whole9 is launching a Kill Your TV challenge running May 1st -May 31st.  This means no television, no movies, no video games, nope - sorry, no watching on your computer either!!  What can you do?  How about read a book (yep, they still make them), take a walk, talk to your family, play a board game, learn a new hobby or restart an old one, the possibilities are endless.

So, take the challenge "Tune OUT" the television and "Tune IN" to life!  Who knows maybe you'll like it!?!?

Are you in??


  1. Damn the football (OK soccer) season is coming to an end in May..... but no excuses I am going to do this. Does the Wireless count?

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