Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New YOU!!!

It's the beginning of a new year - for many that means making resolutions and changes to the way things were in the past.  These 'resolutions' often focus on diet and exercise.  Gyms are full, enrollment in weight loss programs leaps up and intentions are to keep the momentum up and continue these, what for many are new habits.  But as we all know, whether from casual observation or personal experience, by the end of January most revert back to old patterns and vow to start again "when the weather gets better", "when things slow down", "when the kids are out of school"...  You get the picture - so, what was this year's resolution ends up somehow becoming next years and the cycle repeats over and over and over again.

While I'm not into making "New Year"s Resolutions", I do view the new year as a fresh start and an opportunity to get remotivated and change things up a little.  I'm dedicating this blog post to those of you that haven't given the Paleo lifestyle a shot, have only went in half way, have lost some of the motivation and momentum that you once had.  It's a new year and a great time to start or refocus your current plan.  Here's a simple "To Do List" to help kick off the year on the right foot.

Clean House:  Not in the sense of dusting and vacuuming, (although in some cases that may be appropriate too), but check the refrigerator, the cabinets, etc.  Empty out the crap - the stuff that's waiting there tempting you - this includes the boxes of pasta you bought "because they were on sale", the "emergency" 2-liter bottle of soda you keep on hand "just in case" you have company, and that hidden bag of Doritos that you're saving to bring out at your Superbowl party.  If you feel bad about 'just throwing food away' donate it to the local food bank. 

Write it Down:  Keep a food and exercise journal for 2-3 days to evaluate where you're at right now.  Often we think we're doing great, but when it comes to push and shove portions are out of control, the "occasional" treat has become a daily habit, (a latte on the way to work every morning, a bowl of coconut milk ice cream every night...).  On the other hand maybe you're cutting yourself short in the food department, a mistake that results in hanging on to fat and losing valuable muscle.  The same goes for exercise are you really doing as much as you think?  Or on the other side of the coin, are you doing too much?  Logging for a few days will help give you a clearer picture of what you need to change and focus on.  So write it down!!

Relax:  Everything doesn't have to be perfect ALL of the time.  We all slip and it doesn't mean we've failed!!  Don't quit just because you missed a week at the gym or you ate pizza at the office party.  Just because you aren't 100% on all of the time does not mean you should give up!  Just write it off and use it as a learning experience.  Don't give up - start fresh the next day and feel good about the progress you've made!

Here's to a "Happy New YOU" this year!



  1. Amy,
    Thank you for the roadmap to 2011 health and happiness.
    Dana Law
    San Diego, Ca

  2. Great thoughts on the New Year! This year I am working on not taking my "slip ups" so seriously! I will definitely try and relax!


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