Sunday, December 5, 2010

Food Fight!!!

Back in June the Federal Advisory Panel made some recommendations on the 'new' dietary guidelines.  These recommendations include the promotion of 'nutrient-dense' foods, communicating the fact that all fats aren't bad, that tofu and soy aren't 'miracle' foods, and that more emphasis needs to be placed on children's diets among other items.  While these recommendations aren't everything we Paleo followers could hope for, (hey, the Great Wall wasn't built in a day...), they did succeed in generating some 'response' from large food and drink companies and government lobbying associations.  If the advisory panel recommendations are enacted 'big food' stands to take a 'big' hit as far as government money and support go.  Who knows maybe the infamous "Food Pyramid" will put vegetables on the bottom yet...  Many of these associations responded to the recommendations in order to 'defend' their positions and products - and so the "Food Fight" begins.

Here's a look at some of the reported 'backlash'.

The Salt Institute:
A recommendation to limit sodium to 1,500 mg/day would result in Americans eating more "to satisfy their sodium appetite and their hunger for taste satisfaction."

The American Beverage Association:
Advising Americans to avoid sugar-sweetened beverages "overstates the role" of these drinks "in the rising rates of obesity."

The Sugar Association:
States "no casual link can be established between the intake of sugars and lifestyle diseases, including obesity."

The National Confectioners Association:
Says that Federal agencies need "to pursue guidelines that are realistic and accommodate all foods including occasional treats in moderation."

International Dairy Foods Association:
Agrees that low-fat dairy products are healthier but is pushing for "moderate amounts of added sugar" to "increase the palatability" of dairy foods.

What is the end result of this "Food Fight" going to be?  My best guess would be more of the same and all of it will likely have little effect on the health and habits of the nation.  But, it may turn out to be entertaining at the least.  The best thing we can all do is continue eating lots of vegetables, lean or grass-fed meats, good fats and a little fruit - or Paleo at its best.  Preach this style of diet to everyone you know and meet.  While we may never 'hit' the powers that be with a pie in the face, we may be able to stimulate a movement that will save lives.



  1. Great post... these junk food lobbyists need to stop worry about lining their pockets with the junk they are serving people and actually need to serve people. It's unfortunate the the government has taken so long to recognise these "new recommendations" as proper eating habits.

  2. Healthy eating isn't on the minds of many organizations in the food industry. However, I hope this gives a "leg-up" to those seeking to make positive changes. Maybe it'll get my some of my friends to lighten up on my Paleo habits.

  3. Thanks for the feedback!! And Sunny - STAY STRONG!! Your friends will come around eventually - and then they will wonder why they waited so long!

  4. What a mess we're in, huh? It's so weird to me that so many people i know are constantly eating processed foods - makes it so obvious that we have a long way to go.

    P.S. Love the pic!