Monday, October 11, 2010

Killing Cancer...

This is a post that I did for the Paleo Brands blog awhile back.  Cancer runs deep in my family and there are not many people that don't know someone battling the deadly disease.  This one bears repeating - so here it is making its Fuel As Rx debut:

Cancer, it's a word no one wants to hear, yet according to the National Cancer Institute it's a diagnosis that 1 in every 2 of us will face.  In 2009 it was estimated that 1,479,350 people were diagnosed with cancer and 562,340 died from the disease.  These statistics make the search for a cure and mechanisms for prevention hot topics.

Here's a little FYI on cancer cells - they require glucose (sugar) to grow.  In fact, they consume 4 to 5 times more glucose than normal cells!  So, logic would say, restrict sugar (carbohydrate) to starve and kill cancer.  This has proven to be effective as demonstrated by this study and numerous others.  Following a restricted calorie, ketogenic diet literally 'starves' cancer cells.  But instead of instructing cancer patients to follow a diet like this the American Cancer Society recommends a 'plant-based' (primarily vegetarian), whole grain rich, low fat diet instead.  Scroll down this list of 20 examples of 'healthy' snacks for cancer patients...  Hmm...

Now, this is not to say that the knowledge of how the 'starve' cancer isn't out there.  In fact, according to some recent research (read here for the non-geek version), scientists have developed an anti-cancer agent (drug) that acts as an 'energy restriction mimetic'.  The researchers state that "Energy restriction may be a powerful 'new' strategy for treating cancer because it targets a survival mechanism used by many types of cancer cells."  The research shows that it's possible to develop drugs that act to simulate glucose and energy restriction.

Since we have this information, does it not make sense to use it to prevent and help stop the spread of cancer now?  Can we afford to 'wait' for the drug to be developed and approved by the FDA?  When it comes to cancer it could mean the difference between life and death...  Is that piece of cake really 'to die for'???



  1. Your post hit a real sore spot with me.

    Since I am a prostate cancer survivor, I read cancer research papers from time to time. I am amazed at the disconnect between the biochemistry researchers and the medical profession.

    The fact that glucose is closely linked to cancer is well known among biochemists. If you do a search using cancer and glucose, you get over 8000 citations.

    I found one research paper that stated in the first paragraph that cancer is the easiest disease there is to prevent. Just cut your carb consumption.

    The more research I do, the more disillusioned I get with the medical profession.

  2. Jake, I completely agree with you. I often wonder if the medical profession isn't more concerned with securing their jobs and ties to the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry than it is with making us healthier.

    Thanks for the comment and let's get the truth circulating!!!

  3. Thank you so much. I am currently fighting NH Lymphoma, and feel that people like you lead the way... not the medical profession. I was given nothing except red chemo-chemicals and a pat on the back. If it weren't for the net, I wouldn't be doing Paleo. This information empowers me!