Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Watch Out! The Cupcakes Are Coming...

Are you scared?  If you are, good!  According to findings published in the Journal of Consumer Research, the larger you perceive the threat of a given temptation (food, beverage, party, etc.) to your goals the less likely you are to indulge yourself. 

Researchers found that when individuals exaggerated the amount of damage a temptation was to their goals the more likely they were to resist or limit their indulgence.  So, in the case of a cookie, those with diet related goals estimated it to have more calories than it really did and viewed it as a larger threat than those not concerned with diet.  Additionally, women exposed to pictures of fitness models, prior to receiving a calorie containing beverage, drank less of the liquid than those that looked at posters of nature scenery.

So, if you find your self 'partaking in goodness' a little too often, consider this.  Those cupcakes... they just might "kill you until you die from it"!!!


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  1. Intriguing indeed. I had never thought of it that way until I read this. I can definitely see how this would work. I shall be trying it as I have a very sweet tooth when it comes to desserts and treats. Thanks for the blog!