Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hold the Holidays!!

Ready or not, here it comes...  The holiday eating season is upon us and here's a friendly reminder as to just how 'sweet' an average holiday feast can be.  A repost from last year - but rest assured the facts have not changed...

The holiday season is here and that means LOTS and LOTS of food.  Mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, bread, pies, candies, cookies...the really great tasting stuff.  All the temptation, along with family and peer pressure, make it extremely difficult to stay Paleo through the holidays.  While one traditional holiday meal will not undo the results of months of Paleo eating and hard training, an entire holiday season of eating this way could.

The average holiday meal consisting of:

Raw vegetables with 2 tablespoons of Ranch dip
2 crackers with cheese
6 ounces of turkey (this part is safe!!)
1/2 cup mashed potatoes and gravy
1/2 cup sweet potatoes with marshmallows
1/2 cup stuffing
2 dinner rolls
1/2 cup corn
1/4 cup cranberry sauce
1 slice of pie

...contains the equivalent of nearly 1 cup of sugar!!

Couple that meal, eaten numerous times, along with cookies, candies, holiday snacks, drinks and less or no exercise and you've got problems.  This holiday season practice moderation.  Keep cheat meals to 2-3 per week and stick with your exercise program.  If you do this there will be no need for a New Year's resolution that involves weight loss.  Enjoy the holidays and give yourself a gift of health and longevity by staying on positive diet and exercise track!

Have a Great Holiday Season!

How are you planning to "Hold the Holidays"???



  1. What if my pancreas feels like it's full?

    Maybe an extra cheat meal (or 3) per week would help with the excess insulin I'm storing?

    Just sayin'. . .

    (Sure wish I'd read your post BEFORE Thanksgiving!)

  2. Kreuzfit-

    Better late than never?!?! Keep this post in mind for the upcoming holiday feasts!! Your pancreas will thank you later...

  3. I have semi adopted the Paleo Diet. Having said that, being recently diagnosed with IC, I am ready to go full force with the Paleo Diet. However, alot of the recipes in Robb Wolfs Paleo Solution include those foods that irritate the bladder of IC people. Can you help me with this? My goal is not to lose weight but to eat healthier so that I don't have to take medicine for this the rest of my life.

  4. Anonymous,

    I would LOVE to help you!! Send me an email at and we'll get you going!

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