Sunday, October 25, 2009

Moving - CrossFit Style...

I am officially moved!  It all went down on Thursday - the contents of one apartment completely emptied, driven across the state and unloaded into another apartment.  It was all one really long, painful, team WOD (my mom and dad were my team members).  The "Buy-In" consisted of hauling 20 large, extremely heavy Rubbermaid containers and a bunch of random other items and furniture down the stairs from my former 3rd floor apartment. This took our team about 40 minutes - we were very pleased with our performance.

The next portion of the WOD involved driving 5 hours across the state to Sioux Falls - NOT FUN!  It had already been a long day when we arrived at around 5:00PM.  But we had yet to start the actual "WOD".  It was a 3 station team workout.  Team member #1 (Dad) was responsible for lifting heavy things out of the U-Haul and carrying them to the elevator lobby (YES, this building has an elevator!).  Team member #2 (Mom)  had to pull heavy things onto the elevator, ride up to the 2nd floor and push the heavy things back out into the elevator lobby.  Team member #3 (me) needed to push, pull and carry the aformentioned heavy things to the new apartment which was about 50-75 yards down the hall (it was FAR!) from the elevator and sprint back to the elevator for another round.

3-2-1...GO!  I can't speak for my team members, but for me this was PAINFUL!!  The containers kept getting heavier and the hallway longer.  I had to start "breaking" my sets, stopping at every second set of doors, to take "3 deep breaths and go".   My quads burned from all the low pushing and pulling, my back, arms, abs, feet, hands, head, etc... hurt.  There were a few times I think I may have cried a little bit...  But my team didn't quit and we finished strong with a time of 45 minutes!

The Post-Workout Meal took place at the Texas Roadhouse.  I had the 8 ounce "Dallas Filet", House Salad (no croutons or cheese), and a plain baked sweet potato.  It was all Paleo and all AWESOME - or I was just REALLY hungry!

Now that the move is complete, my posting will be much more regular and diet/workout related.  Let me know if there are any topics you would like to learn more about!

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