Thursday, October 15, 2009

Conspiracy Theory

Definition: A theory that explains an event or set of circumstances as a result of a secret plot by usually powerful conspirators.

Today I was having a conversation about diet with my friend and CF coach Scott Jones.  We have these conversations quite regularly and have found that we always end up feeling angry and left with the same conclusion - 'It's all just a BIG conspiracy.'

The things that we are being sold and told by our government, our healthcare providers, and the pharmaceutical and food industries may be the very same things that have helped contribute to the 'obesity epidemic' and the health problems we currently face.  We can send satellites to Mars and have video conferences with people in different countries, but we can't seem to get a handle on cancer, heart disease, diabetes...  Why is that?  It couldn't possibly be the fact that the "powerful conspirators" that have this information would stand to lose trillions of dollars if the truth were told, could it?  Think about this, lets just say that the government adjusted the Food Pyramid, to reflect a Paleo-Diet.  What would happen?  Given the research and what we currently know, I think it's fairly safe to say that the incidence of obesity and its related conditions would drastically decrease - this is GREAT news for everyone, right?  So, here's the problem.  First of all the government loses money from the grain and dairy industry, both of which completely tank.  And since people are healthier there is less need for healthcare, so that sector takes a hit too.  With fewer disease diagnoses being handed out the pharmaceutical industry then loses its business.  And finally, with a shift in food consumption patterns, say goodbye to some major players in the food industry.

With so many big money makers standing to lose - is it possible that there is a group of "powerful conspirators" with a "secret plot" to keep us funding their causes?  It's definitely something to think about.  If you now find yourself a little angered by this "conspiracy theory" - think about your diet and be aware of the "secret plot".  The truth is out there.  In time the conspirators will be exposed and brought to justice.  In the meantime, as Scott would say, "Be Paranoid with a Purpose."



  1. I guess I've always wondered - if a bunch of highly motivated fitness freaks, regardless of education level, can take a "black box" approach and end up with a reasonable approximation of the "optimal" diet, why is the whole of the medical community having such a hard time figuring it out?

    Interesting observation, too: Big Pharma would implode if we drastically reduced the need for insulin and statins.

    I agree - the truth is out there. (And it doesn't seem to be all that difficult to find.)

  2. Kreuzfit, You've got to be my biggest fan!! Thanks for all the comments!
    I agree with you on that the truth may not be all that hard to find. The problem is, very few people are looking for it and the lies taste so good...

  3. Paranoid with a Purpose - Love it! I would like to nominate you as the person in charge of getting to the bottom of all this, okay? ;)